Erotic Hypnosis

Our Collection Of Erotic Hypnosis CDs Will Change Your Life!

Would you like to CONTROL WOMEN SEXUALLY and make them do anything you desire?

Our Erotic Hypnosis CD’s directly penetrate and control the female mind. This allows you to program your woman’s thoughts, habits, and behaviors to dramatically improve your sex life, and enable you to realize all your sexual desires. We currently have several Erotic Hypnosis CD’s available in our store and we are adding more all the time. You know how powerful subliminal messages are, they are used everyday by marketing firms to sell us products. We also know that hypnosis can dramatically alter ones behavior. We have combined these two powerful mind programing techniques to create the ultimate female mind control device. When one listens to any of our products they only consciously hear music. The music we use is a relaxing pleasant sounding music that is basically genre neutral. We consulted with meditation an binaural beats experts to find the perfect musical vehicle to deliver the reprogramming. Buried in this meditative music, just below the level of conscious awareness, are our hypnosis scripts.

After years of research we opened shop in 2012. Since then we helped countless men obtain a quality sex life with their chosen partner. Although the females are unaware they have been sexually reprogrammed we feel assured they are pleased with the results. A fulfilling sex life creates a stronger bond between both partners which greatly increases the chance for a lifelong relationship. The truth is females have already been programed by the media who uses subliminal messaging. The programing began the first time they watched TV or listened to the radio. We use carefully crafted hypnosis scripts that replace this previous programming with what we feel is natural. A female in her natural state will be just as sexually charged as a man. Our products will return the female to her natural state as well as program her to find extreme pre-orgasmic pleasure from certain sexual activities. Our products can be mixed and matched enabling you to create your perfect sexual partner.

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