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Sleep Sex


Intended For:  Men who desire to have sex with their sleeping female sexual partner.


Usage: This CD should be listened to in a relaxing and preferably romantic situation.


Effect On Males: This CD has no hypnotic effect on males but will cause intense sexual arousal.


Effect On Females: This CD re-programs the female mind to enjoy having sex while she sleeps.




What’s In The Box: You will recieve the Sleep Sex CD as well as the Covert Cover Sticker. We include the Cover Sticker for men who are worried their partner may see the CD. Using the Covert Cover Sticker disguises the CD as a Romantic Relaxation CD. This allows you to prevent your partner from ever knowing she is being sexually programmed.


Warning: This Covert Hypnosis CD should NOT be played for groups of people as the results would be highly unpredictable.


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Price: $29.95

1 response to Sleep Sex

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Do you have a donate link? Your hypnosis cds are entirely too cheap. I must admit when I ordered I thought I was blowing my money but how wrong I was. I played the Sleep Sex CD three times for my wife over the last two weeks. I didn’t tell her what it was, to her it was just another CD in my rotation.
    Last night I finally mustered up the courage and went for it. She had been asleep for around a hour when I came to bed. I waited fifteen more minutes to make sure she was back into a deep sleep. She was laying with her back to me on her side with her knees pulled up somewhat. I took my time and slowly slid her panties off, once I got them past her hips they came off easy. I then very gently crawled down so I could lick her pussy from behind. I licked her pussy for a while until her pussy lips were staying apart and she was very wet. Her pussy tasted and smelled so good it made my cock get very hard, the kind of hard that makes you feel as if the slightest touch will make you orgasm.
    Next I carefully crawled behind her in the spooning position. I spit on my hand and rubbed it all over my very hard cock, I should have thought ahead and had some lubrication handy but oh well. Now for the moment of truth, I really expected my wife to wake up mad as hell. I carefully positioned the head of my cock on her pussy opening. I took my time and gently pushed forward. She then made a small noise and a slight movement and my heart raced. I remained very still for two or three minutes. My heart settled down and I again pushed gently forward and pop, the head of my cock went into her wet pussy. I stopped moving and just enjoyed this incredible moment for a while with the head of my cock inside her.
    I then began to slightly increase my depth of penetration with each gentle thrust until I was about 75% inside her. At this point I felt myself becoming very excited and decided to remain still so I could calm down and not cum too soon as I felt so wonderful. I spent the next 20 minutes or so gently fucking her while taking little breaks to make myself last longer. Finally there was no stopping it so I slowly inserted myself in her to complete depth. At that very moment I began to cum. It was so hard to not make noise but I remained silent as I came what felt like a cup full of semen inside her now very wet pussy.
    I remained inside her until my cock became totally flaccid and naturally came out of her pussy. I then took my time and slowly put her panties back on. My cum was running down the back of her thigh as I slid her panties up. Once her panties were back on I rolled over and fell asleep worried of what she would say in the morning. I feared she would notice all the cum in her panties and on the sheets. If she noticed she didn’t say anything, she was very cheerful the next morning and offered to make me breakfast.
    Thank you Covert Subliminal you have made me a very very happy man!

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