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Foot Fetish Extreme


Intended For:  Men who want their female sexual partner to use her feet to pleasure him.


Usage: This CD should be listened to in a relaxing and preferably romantic situation.


Effect On Males: This CD has no hypnotic effect on males but will cause intense sexual arousal.


Effect On Females: This CD re-programs the female mind to experience heightened arousal while using her feet to pleasure her male sexual partner. This intense pleasure will make her desire to pleasure her partner with her feet on a daily basis.


What’s In The Box: You will recieve the Foot Fetish Extreme CD as well as the Covert Cover Sticker. We include the Cover Sticker for men who are worried their partner may see the CD. Using the Covert Cover Sticker disguises the CD as a Romantic Relaxation CD. This allows you to prevent your partner from ever knowing she is being sexually programmed.


Warning: This Covert Hypnosis CD should NOT be played for groups of people as the results would be highly unpredictable.


Price: $29.95

3 responses to Foot Fetish Extreme

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to thank you for this CD. I received it a few days ago and played it for my girlfriend yesterday while we were relaxing around my swimming pool. Before she came over I put the sticker on the CD and later told her it was a relaxation CD my buddy had gave me. I didn’t want her to see the real CD cover because I have never told her about my foot fetish. The covert cover sticker is a real good idea.

    Anyway about two hours after playing the CD she out of the blue said “Are you looking at my feet?” I said “I might have been because I was day dreaming.” Then she got up and pulled her chair over to my lounge chair and quickly jerked my swimsuit off! I was totally shocked! She then sat down in her chair and poured tanning oil on my cock which immediately got rock hard. She then said “Well since you weren’t looking at my feet I guess you don’t want to fuck them do you?” I was tongue tied, I had never seen her act like this before, being so bold. She then said “Well I don’t care what you want, I want to fuck you with my feet.”

    Next she put her beautiful sexy feet with bright red painted toe nails on my balls and began to wiggle them. She then put one foot under my cock and the other on top and began to fuck me with her feet. I’ve never felt so good in my entire life. All during the foot job she was saying ” Fucking you with my feet makes my pussy wet!” “Are you going to cum on my toes?” “Fuck my feet good baby!” “My pussy is so wet!” I was in HEAVEN! She then wrapped her long toes around the head of my cock and started saying “Cum on my toes baby” over and over while tightly yet gently wiggling them. About 30 seconds later I stated to cum and cum and cum. I must have shot 10 loads all over her pretty feet.
    I had to lay there for a little while before I could even move. I then got up and cleaned myself off and ate her pussy for a good 30 minutes before making her come. I hope this last and she continues to give me foot jobs like the one I got yesterday. Do I need to continue to play the CD for her or are the changes permanent?

    Thanks SO MUCH!


  2. Brad,
    Thank you for the comment and I’m happy the CD has worked so well for you. The changes made are permanent however the more you play the CD the more she will want to pleasure you with her feet. Once she is pleasuring you with her feet to a level that satisfies you should stop playing the CD.
    Dr. Maslow

  3. Hello,
    I am blown away at how well this worked. I was about to fuck my wife of three years last night when SHE asked ME to FUCK HER FEET!! I walked over to the bed where she was laying on her back naked, I was naked as well. I was about to fuck her pussy when she said “If I tell you a fantasy of mine will you promise not to laugh?” I said sure tell me I won’t laugh. Then she said she wanted me to fuck her feet until I came on her. Of course I said sure thing baby!! She then pulled her legs up and put her feet together. I put some AstroGlide lube on her feet and started fucking them good while on my knees facing her. She was moaning like I was fucking her pussy but I was only fucking her feet with my cock. She kept saying her pussy was getting so wet and to fuck her feet good. It only took me at most ten minutes to cum because I was so excited. I came all over her feet, stomach, tits, and one load even hit her neck. I fell out on my back and she then strattled me and rubbed her pussy on my face until she let out a huge yell and stated to cum while I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. Thank you so much for the CD, I am looking forward to fucking her feet again tonight!

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