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Cum In Her Mouth


Intended For:  Men who want their female sexual partner to enjoy him ejaculating in her mouth.


Usage: This CD should be listened to in a relaxing and preferably romantic situation.


Effect On Males: This CD has no hypnotic effect on males but will cause intense sexual arousal.


Effect On Females: This CD re-programs the female mind to experience extreme pre-orgasmic pleasure when her male sexual partner ejaculates in her mouth. This intense pleasure will make her desire to have her partner ejaculate in her mouth on a daily basis.


What’s In The Box: You will recieve the Cum In Her Mouth CD as well as the Covert Cover Sticker. We include the Cover Sticker for men who are worried their partner may see the CD. Using the Covert Cover Sticker disguises the CD as a Romantic Relaxation CD. This allows you to prevent your partner from ever knowing she is being sexually programmed.


Warning: This Covert Hypnosis CD should NOT be played for groups of people as the results would be highly unpredictable.


Price: $29.95

2 responses to Cum In Her Mouth

  1. Amazing!
    My wife was giving me a blow job last night and I told her I was about to cum, at which point she usually pulls back and finishes me with her hand. But last night was very different, she didn’t pull back even though I told her for a second time that I was about to cum. She just kept sucking my dick until I came more than I have ever came in my life and all of it was in her mouth. She let my cum run back down my cock instead of swallowing but she let me shoot it all in her mouth. Thank you so so much and do you have a CD that will make her want to swallow my load?

    • Tommy,
      I’m happy the CD worked out for you. As of now we don’t have a erotic hypnosis CD that encourages the swallowing of ejaculate but we will in the near future. Thank you for the suggestion Tommy.
      Dr. Maslow

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